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Dragon In The Rock
Address2 min walk from Hase Station in Kamakura
PRI started doing this in 1996. It took me to Hawaii, both to study it initially and then to live, and I have been working actively as a therapist and workshop leader for the last 18 years.

The first part of this year I'm having a 'campaign' to introduce the work I do more widely. Though initially the idea was to focus on my community here in Shonan, I decided not to delineate and so anybody can take advantage of this offer and experience for themslves this remarkable work. The campaign period is January 1st till March 15th.

Three personal sessions from the sessions menu are available and are reduced to around half the usual price.

Also included are two 1-Day workshops (one offered twice), and once monthly 'Rainbow Bridge Yoga' classes. Details of all these are below.

I have a very comfortable salon space here in Hase, just 3 minutes from Hase station on the Enoden line.

As for what happens in a crystal healing session, it's very difficult to say as the possibilities are truly infinite.
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Dragon In The Rock - 2 min walk from Hase Station in Kamakura